10 Reasons Why Your Opinion Doesn’t Fucking Matter To Me

Seriously. I don’t care. There seems to be a plethora (told you I like that word) of people running around tossing their opinions out as if I give a rats ass. I don’t give a dead fucking bird what you think of me if you don’t know me. Unless you’re contributing to my financial status or putting food on my plate. Fuck your opinion. I don’t understand why complete strangers seem to think that they matter. You’re about as irrelevant as Beyonce’s latest single. Yea I said it.

So just in case someone out there was wondering, or if you need a few reasons to give the next person that gives you their unsolicited opinion..here are 10 reasons why I don’t give a fuck and neither should you.

1. I don’t know you.

Like really. Who are you?  You don’t know me or my life so your opinion about me is null and void. Nothing you say will affect my life.

2. I’m not on your payroll.

I care about what my boss thinks of me. Why? Because I don’t want people in my office to have a bad perception of me. People don’t like working with someone they don’t think highly of. My office is pretty tight-knit so I care about what my co-workers may think of me. I see them every damn day and have worked with them for the past three years so they know me and shit. If they thought less of me I’d be eating lunch alone in the smelly cubicle up front and that’s not the one you want. Also, If my boss thought I was a shitbag or something it would be hard to get away with the shit I do or don’t do here. I mean..where do you think I am now typing this? Yea.

3. You didn’t give birth to me.

Pretty self-explanatory. I care about  my mothers opinion. Even then to a certain extent. I just want her to know that she didn’t raise a degenerate. As long as she doesn’t think she’s failed at raising me I’m cool. Her opinion on other matters like how fast I drive, how much I curse or why I still don’t eat my vegetables are null and void. Fuck vegetables.

4. You look like this:

Moving on….

5. You aren’t my significant other.

I care about his opinion maybe more than anyone else. So much so that I usually ask for it when I need insight on something. Which brings me to the next one..

6. I didn’t ask you for it.

If I didn’t come to you seeking your opinion then that means I don’t want it. Nothing worse than unsolicited opinions. I know it’s hard to refrain from giving it sometimes. Especially if you’re the type of person who thinks they’re always right about everything and everything they do and say is the only way to do and say it. I mean, I’m sure I’ve given an unsolicited opinion here and there. I’m an asshole though so I don’t give a fuck if you tell me “fuck your opinion”. Touche’ n shit.

7. You’re not him:

Amen. Yes that’s Jesus. Yes he looks like Bob Vila. That’s my Jesus so don’t hate. Plus Bob Vila is Cuban so imagining Jesus as a Cuban Bob Vila makes me happy. I care about Jesus’s opinion of me. I know he loves me. Don’t know if he appreciates my humor but he gave it to me so he has to right? Don’t worry, it’s Easter so I’ll be in church on Sunday. *baptist finger*

8. You’re ugly.

Refer to #4. I know that seems harsh but I can’t take you serious with that face. I’m not even listening to what you’re saying. Your face is distracting me.

9. You sleep on a..


10. You have no money.

If you’re broke as shit keep your opinions to yourself. You need to be making money to have opinions or at least trying to make money.That shows me that you know how to sustain yourself. You can get by and shit. If you can’t do that then nothing you have to say matters. Nothing. Nada. At all. Fuck your opinion to hell. I have my own opinions for you but I’ll keep them to myself. Cuz fuck my opinion too.

So what’s your opinion on unwanted opinions? Whose opinion matters or doesn’t matter to you? Sound off and shit.


Girlfriend vs. Wife Debate

U bitches who are just girlfriends need to stop acting like wives, these negroes come to me and expect that same bullshit. Know ya role hoe.

Ok so last night I was minding my business on Twitter when I came across this comment RT’d by @yaya3086 . I was immediately confused and responded with “But wouldnt that make U the hoe?”. This started a little back and forth with the chick who posted it. There was some name calling and all that good stuff (apparently I have a big nose and I look like Raggedy Ann and have a bad weave O_o) but I was still wondering about the original comment and some follow-ups that said:

“Who the fuck says their wifey material? Only hoodrats with week old cum stains on their dusty ass sheets.” and “All these hoes acting like wives still single though…. hell I’m confused. Soo, ur not good at being wifey huh hoe?”

You see the type of person I was dealing with right? She was a hoe. Fa sho.

That brings me to my topic. Should you act differently as a girlfriend then you would a wife? Assuming you’re in a long-term, committed relationship that is. Should I refrain from doing certain things until I get a ring? Is not the best way that a man can see you as “marriage material” to actually show him? Aren’t I asking a lot of questions?

According to this chick no one should say they are “wifey material”. Well, ummm what are you then? If you’re not the type of female that could be a man’s wife then what in thee fuck should you call yourself? I’m not fond of the term “wifey” but what it implies is that you’re the marrying type. If you don’t want to be the marrying type then are you just the girlfriend type? The fucking type? I don’t get this hoe whole philosophy.

I don’t “act” like a wife.  I just carry myself like a person in a committed relationship period. I do things to make him happy and vice versa. There is nothing I’m saving for when I have a ring on my finger. I’m not gonna start cooking pancakes every morning in stilettos and lingerie and shit. Besides, his pancakes are better than mine but don’t tell him I told you that. I got pride n shit. I guess if you’re in a relationship for like 10 + years the whole waiting around for nothing thing might apply but if you’re with someone who you love and care about I don’t see a reason to hold back on the affection or genuine care. That after all is the reason you marry them isn’t it?

Am i wrong? Is it just me? Do you think you should act differently if you’re “just a girlfriend?” Sound off and shit.

Till death do you part?

Dum, dum, dum, dum…Let’s talk about marriage…

Some women have dreamt about it since they were little girls. Some already have their colors picked out along with who the bridesmaids will be, the venue, time of year, dress, hell even the menu already predetermined and they’re just waiting on the groom. But it occured to me that not all women, or men for that matter, have wedding bells on the brain. Not everyone feels that getting married is on the list of things to do in life. I don’t mean to trivialize it calling it a to-do list but you get what I mean. Society has put in our minds that certain things in life are “on the agenda”. College, career, marriage, kids. I think only white people do it in order. *shrugs shoulders* Fuck society

I asked a few of my friends and twitter acquaintances how they felt about marriage. I got varied answers ranging from, yes I definitely want to get married with the right person, not everyone is meant to be married, black people don’t get married because they end up divorced, black people aren’t loyal and so on and so forth. One person said that she believed that, just like having kids, marriage isn’t meant for everyone. Some people are just destined to date and never take that leap. I can agree with that. I mean if you’re getting married just for the sake of it then that’s the wrong answer and it’s better to just stay single.

I myself am somewhat of a traditionalist in the sense that yes I want to get married one day. I don’t wanna be 40 and single and shit. No bueno for me. I don’t think about it everyday or feel like time is ticking against me. If it’s meant to be, God willing, it will happen. I don’t believe something like that should be rushed. When I was younger I said I’d be married by 26. When I was younger 26 seemed old to me though, not so much anymore. I believe in the sanctity of marriage and that it shouldn’t be taken as something to accomplish like buying a car or a house. That’s just me. 

Some people are scared of the idea of spending the rest of your life tied to just one person. Having sex with just one person. Waking up to the same fucking face every day for the rest of your fucking life. I myself, can’t wait. The idea thrills me. Again, that’s just me. 

It seems like our generation has strayed from thinking that marriage is a milestone in life. Some people say that it’s only black people that don’t get married. True? Or that it may be nice “to-do” but not necessary. How do you feel about marriage? Do you want to get married one day? Do you feel like it’s not going to happen for you? Do you give a shit about marriage? Are you black? Sound off and shit.