12 Things Men Do That Piss Women Off

Happy Friday everyone! Today I’ve decided to take a lighthearted approach to my post and put away the soapbox that I so dearly enjoy. It’s quite simple actually, just a little public service announcement from the ladies to the fellas on actions that piss them off. You might not give a shit but for the sake of this post let’s say you do. Let’s say you want to know if your actions caused a certain love interest to be completely turned off or if that move you tried in the bedroom made your girl want to stop, roll over and go to bed. Ladies you might find some things on this list you agree with and fellas these are things that the ladies would like you to cease and desist immediately. Don’t worry, you’ll have your chance to sound off on things we do that piss you off but you know how it goes, ladies first nshit.

Disclaimer: This list is a compilation of things sent in to me by my lady friends and do not necessarily represent the views of the author, me.

1. “Talk so much shit about their D game and when you finally give them a chance they have the smallest most limp D in the universe!”

In the universe! Hahaha. Fellas, the best practice is to let your actions speak for themselves.

2. I hate when men talk about sex when we first meet.” Continue reading


Why Poor People Stay Winning

*steps on soapbox*

It seems like it’s a crime to have a good job nowadays. We live in a country where you get more breaks if you’re broke then if you’re maintaining and actually making above minimum wage. People always say that there’s the rich and then there’s the poor who are making minimum wage and barely scraping by but they missed all the people in between. What about the rest of us? If I make more than a certain amount of money a year I don’t qualify for any type of government assistance. I can’t get food stamps, I don’t get help paying my electric/gas bills, I can’t get an apartment where the rent is about $400 less than everyone else’s and I don’t get discounts on childcare. So I guess it’s fuck me for having a decent job huh?

Some people would argue that the people with better jobs don’t need assistance because they make enough money to pay for all their bills. They don’t need help. It’s the people who can’t find jobs and are scraping by with a house full of kids to take care of that need it most. To that I say, is that my fucking fault? No. You are today what yesterday’s choices have made you. It’s your fault if you can’t find a job because you have four fucking kids and four baby dads and none of them are around. Don’t blame the “man” for that, look in the mirror and blame yourself. Continue reading

Single Mother Sagas: Recognizing The Stand Up Father

There are a few things that really get under my skin. People who drive under 80 in the left lane, when my hand towels aren’t hanging straight, the toilet paper going under instead of over and bitter, unappreciative, money hungry mothers. Today’s post is about the latter. I doubt anyone would want to read an entire post about my OCD toilet paper issues anyway.

Let me start off by saying that I know it takes two to raise a child and all that good stuff. This isn’t about why there are so many single mothers out there and the reasons why the relationships didn’t work, why some men are deadbeat fathers or why women have kids with losers. Continue reading

The True Definition of An Independent Woman

One of my all time favorite songs is Ne-Yo “She Got Her Own” ft. Jamie Fox and Fabolous. I like the original Miss Independent but the remix is just so much sexier. Part of the reason I like the song, besides that fact that it’s a good song, is that it’s relatable. I’m like “yea..that’s me..I got my own nshit.” It occurs to me that a lot of other women can relate to the song too. Shout out to all the bitches that have their own. I only call you bitches because I don’t know you by name. It also occurs to me that a lot of women THINK that they can relate to the song but in reality don’t. This post is for them. I’m just here serving the greater good one blog post at a time so, I feel it my civic duty to explain what being independent truly means.

Independent: 1. not dependent; not depending or contingent upon something else for existence, operation, etc. 2. not relying on another or others for aid or support.

That’s the dictionary definition which seems pretty black and white to me. Independence is established by self-sustainment and not relying on another person for support. Now, let me point out that at some point in your life you have to let go of a certain level of your independence. That point being when you enter into a relationship. Why? Because you have to let a man be a man. I’ll explain in a later post. Back to the matter at hand. Let’s look at three scenarios: Continue reading