Why I Don’t Trust Friendless Women

Hello. Good morning *Diddy dance*

You know that girl that says “I don’t get along with females. That’s why I don’t have any friends.”, or “I have more male friends than girl friends.”, or “Bitches just don’t like me.”? I don’t trust her. Something is intrinsically wrong with a female that has no female friends. I always assume something is wrong with her friend making abilities or her personality that has led her to this state of friendlessness.

I have a handful of close female friends that each serve a different purpose in my life. There’s the one I can talk to about my relationship (Sidenote: Don’t beat your single friends up with your relationship news, issues or concerns. They really don’t give a fuck. If they’re good friends they might indulge you and listen but trust me, they don’t care. Oh and don’t take their advice either), the one I can talk to about anything, the one I can talk to about parenting and well..that’s pretty much it for the inner circle of friends. (I don’t count my sister in this circle because she’s related.) That doesn’t mean that I can’t talk to the mom friend about other shit, it’s just that that’s what her main friend function is. Who else is going to check you when you need it, hold your hair when you’re drunk or pull you out of a Fat Tuesdays male restroom? Who else is going to tell you that you look like a prostitute in that dress or that you’re making a huge mistake in your love life? Fuck them other bitches cuz I’m down for my bitches…even when they’re guilty of doing all the shit I just said lol.

I don’t know what I would do without my girls. They make me laugh, piss me off and make me laugh again. I can talk to them about shit my boyfriend doesn’t give a fuck about or things that I know they won’t ask background questions on because they know me. Which makes me wonder what these friendless bitches are out here doing if they don’t have girlfriends. Fucking probably I don’t trust that shit. What’s the reason they don’t have any close female friends? Maybe it’s because they’re stone cold whores. <–I’m such a huge fan of this word. Not to be confused with a regular whore who, according to A Black Guy, defines all girls but a stone cold whore. A chick whose not just her man’s whore but any man’s whore, every man’s whore, the next chicks mans’ whore. You get it. I mean, I know me personally, I try not to befriend these types of chicks. Perception is a bitch, birds of a feather and all that good shit. So maybe the rest of the female population in this girls world is hip to her and don’t wanna be her friend. If you don’t have female friends maybe you’re a whore ladies. Look inside yourself or rather look at the consumption of peen you’re intaking. Just saying.

If a chick says most of her friends are dudes then she’s either a whore or a whore. Like c’mon. I’m not saying you can’t have close male friends, I’m just saying they shouldn’t ALL be men. It’s suspect is all. You don’t have to be running around befriending every bitch you come along. Lord no. I’m well aware that women can be bitches and you have to pick your friends carefully. At a certain age however you should pretty much have your close circle of friends in place. I’m 27 and I’m not looking to make new friends. I feel like I have enough and I don’t have to energy to really get to know someone new all crazy and shit. I don’t just be making friends with anyone nshit. Nah. Bitches be crazy and I can’t deal with a lot of types. That’s a later post. Not saying I don’t give people the opportunity to be my friend, I do. I’m just not proactive in the friending if i do decide to let you in my friend world. If you want to be my friend at this point you’re going to be doing all the upfront work.

The problem is, I happen to be pretty fucking awesome. You might call it conceited or say I have a big ego, whatever, but bitches be wanting to be my friend nshit. I chalk it up to the fact that I’m a humorous person and I have the natural ability to make people laugh. Who doesn’t like to laugh? So, I always get the “Omg, you’re so crazy we gotta hang out!” type friend invite (unless you’re around me and I’m not saying much because I’ve been told I give off the perception of being stuck-up *shrugs shoulders* )  See, they don’t know yet that I don’t do much “hanging out” but hey like I said, I can’t blame them. You can’t deny the awesomeness that is me. I can only remember one girl growing up who didn’t like me. She had the problem obviously, not me. Anyway, ego trip done, I digress…

If you don’t have any close Sex and the City type friends or a Rachel, Phoebe, Monica crew then maybe you should take a deep look at what’s wrong with you why. Is it that you really can’t stand females or that you don’t trust anyone? That’s a whole separate issue perhaps. Maybe you’re a stone cold whore? Hmmm? Don’t worry, I won’t judge. I just won’t be your friend is all.

Well, no matter what the reason, I don’t trust any of you bitches. Something is wrong with you. The fact that you can’t get along with your own gender is a red flag to the population of normal, personable people out there. Maybe you’ve moved around a lot and never had the chance to make friends. Ok but, unless you’re still moving around, there’s gotta be coworkers or something you can befriend. There really is no excuse.

Bottom line is don’t blame bitches for the reason you don’t have friends. Blame yourself hoe weirdo.

Is it just me? How do you feel about a female with no female friends? Sound off nshit.


34 responses

  1. Females with no female friends are people who A.) either have been hurt by other females in the past so they have their guard up like women do with some men in their lives…or B.) they fall into the overrated hype that “females can’t be trusted”. I think the latter proves to be a stereotype that some women have based on the overuse of the phrase. It’s like the overuse of the terms “hater” and “swag.” Unfortunately these women believe the hype and surround themselves around men cause it’s been redundantly said over and over that “females ain’t shit…can’t be trusted and that men are better friends than women.”

    I personally believe its a crock of shit. Blocking the presence of women from your life is like blocking out your inner self in a sense. You’re going against WHO you really are and that’s just plain dumb in my book.

  2. “Something is intrinsically wrong with a female that has no female friends.” Love it and couldn’t have said it better! I have four very close female friends, true friends. I don’t keep “everyday” female friends around for too long. I have communication issues. I’ll talk to a broad one day and call three months later and pick up a convo like no time has elapsed. Lol! To know me is to love me. I’m a bit reclusive, a bit outgoing, a bit talkative, a bit shy and clearly a bit bipolar. At the end of the day my girls love me w/o regards of my spontaneity. Females that scream ” I don’t do females” usually have some inner self-esteem issuses. Perhaps they feel that if they keep females around their “peen” quota will dissipate. Maybe they love attention from men. And can’t fathom the thought of sharing it. Oh and Yami, you’re not conceited or stuck-up. You’re just simply confident and self-assured.

  3. I’m that hoe that has no friends but truth is I AM NOT A HOE! lol I dont have many friends at all, male or female. never really understood why but then again, I kinda do. I’m your typical cancer woman, compassionate, sweet kind, extremely sensitive, goofy, a lil funny, hard shell on the outside, only to protect my so sensitive inside. I was too shy to make friends up until 18, and then college I made many friends (who all think im awesome too inside and out) but by the time I graduated, the ones that keep in contact dwindled down to a handful…. I get that “ur stuck up” a lot, when I am not stuck up at all. I just know Im pretty. And just cause I don’t talk to you, doesn’t mean I am stuck up, it just means I don’t want to talk to YOU! Other chics feel like friendship is a competition cause of your good looks. Por que? Yo no se. Anyways, I’m not the type friend to do all the work in the friendship, I’m not making an effort if the other person isn’t making an equal or more effort so maybe people get confused in the friendly effort process thinking I’m nonchalant & don’t care. Me, I think I am just misunderstood, that’s all. I do have 4 female friends I’d ride for regardless (met in college) and I’d like to think they’d do the same for me, but I just don’t trust people completely so what I tell one friend, I will not tell the next. …. That being said Yami, some of these hoes that have no friends aren’t hoes at all. Infact they are women like me who are misunderstood! Like you, I am 27 and at this age, its def difficult to go out socializing to gain friendship. Wtf do you say “Hi, my name is Shina and I am looking for a new home girl.” The eff, they’ll think you dyking n Shit! Ahhh well… it is what it is. My friends all live in other places, Connecticut, NC, NY, DC. So according to Yami, I guess I’m just another statistic, a friendless whore lmaoooo

  4. NOPE! I beg to differ! lol You said “I do have 4 female friends I’d ride for regardless (met in college) and I’d like to think they’d do the same for me” sooooo you don’t count! You have friends! lol I don’t have many friends either but the fact is I have them. Doesn’t matter if your friends don’t live near you, that’s just logistics lol. I’m talking about chicks with zero friends lol..besides you know me so I won’t let you be a statistic lmfao

    “what I tell one friend, I will not tell the next”- Amen to that lol

    aaaaand it wasn’t THAT difficult for you to socialize because you met me so BOOM! you aint a friendless hoe and thats that!

    • you always making me sound like I am tryna qualify for a race I dont qualify for. u know, the ugly duckling, the friendless whore race…. well thanx for the clarity hahaha 😉

  5. hello people~! i would like to start off by saying that i really enjoy saying your name “Quintessa” ive said it about 5 times so far…so anyways~!~! hey ppl! Yamz this was a GREAT post~~! and i will say that yes i do have friends….although im UBER friendly and shit im not out looking for friends or watever the case may be… truth is im just a people person..but yeah i can say that all the females that scream they dont have friends or females friends or watever are usually banging their “SO called” MALE FRIENDS…yeah yeah yeah….how i dont believe you…at the end of the day ur a whore who drinks jucied mayo with ur cereal on saturdays…and Shina…CAncers do NOT have issues mam!!! lol ok bye

  6. Biiish I ain’t ask to be ya friend n shit, Ahahaa. Anyway yea about the topic. I have a tight circle of female friends and I’m not trynna bring no otha bitches in “our bipolar atmosphere”. Yup Yami fix ya lips cause my friend you are in those “___” lol . SOME Females that don’t have ANY friends are whores. She can’t have friends because she knows shes gonna fuck her “friends” husband, boyfriend, wife or girlfriend for that matter. She can’t be trusted and most of all her self esteem is a -0. She doesn’t want the competition. She doesnt wanna be around the “friends” cause lets be real, we all have that friend if not all of them who are either drop dead georgous, has a personality that can lite up a room, yada yada yada. So she needs to be around the male fuck buddies, I’m sorry friends to make her feel comfortable, pretty, whatever the hoe is lookin for. Bottom line is every woman should have that friend that will laugh, cry, cuss you out, cuss somebody else out for you and then still be rite by your side, no questions asked.

  7. I have only male friends. The only other women I confide in is my sister in law (my brother’s wife). Even as a kid, I didn’t have many female friends. Those who I preferred to hang out with were my BROTHER’S friends.
    Female relationships just aren’t important to me. Too many women. My friendships with men are more special. But that’s me. Lol.

    • Who do you talk to about women related issues? Your male friends? Aren’t there things that they just wouldn’t understand or that you can’t share? I agree with the too many women thing but I think some women are good for you relationship wise. It’s all about finding the right ones.

  8. The person who wrote this is so so lost.
    YOU need to work on [YOU] and not be so judgemental.
    And females aka ‘bitches’! Go wash your mouth out then find some respect……

    • If profanity offends you then I’m afraid you’ve stumbled upon the wrong site. Have a great day and thank you for the comment, a very vague one I might add.

  9. No sister, profanity does not offend me. [Re-read my comment, I was very specific in saying I was offended by your referral to females as bitches [and I might add ‘whores’]!!!
    What offends and saddens me is a female [YOU] who has bought into the illiterate ‘mtv-black-bling-ghetto’ mentality… [Note: Black people are the only race who verbally and openly insult and degrade each other, this must stop!] What offends me is a female who refers to her fellow sister kindred spirit as something so utterly derogatory AND rejoices in it. And what saddens me is that I sense you are/could be bigger and better than this…
    So you don’t trust friendless female women. Fine. But do their choices really make them so much more ‘less than’… to refer to as a WHORE!?
    After reading your article I thought ‘bwoy! This is the reason why some women keep very few female friends…’
    Sister, pls check-yo-self.
    If you choose to express yourself through profanity, then cool. What is not cool is the ‘level’ of disrespect and negativity within your thoughts and words about your fellow comrade and female… aka ‘Self’.
    The same reason you have many female friends are the same reason some women choose to have male friends. Shouldn’t that be OK??
    Right now Im thinking I should write an article titled: “Why I don’t trust women who refer to females as bitches….”

    Peace and Love.

    • Am I to believe that you’ve never referred to a female as a bitch or a whore? Really? I highly doubt that. I haven’t bought into the mtv-black-bling-ghetto’ mentality at all. I just don’t think it’s that serious honestly. If i knew you personally and I called you a bitch then that would be a reason to get offended but I didn’t do that. I was general in my statements and I’m sorry you chose to get offended by it.

      The reasons I have many female friends, if by many you mean like 5, are definitely not the reasons some women have only male friends. You’re trying to compare two different things. I base my opinions on real life experience. I haven’t met a single woman who said she has only male friends and claims to not get along with women at all and she hasn’t been a whore.

      • “I’m sorry you chose to get offended by it” is what’s called a fake apology, aka where you insult someone twice by saying you totally meant to call them a bitch, and it’s their fault if they don’t find it charming.

        I love my solitary life with just my husband, and if the alternative is befriending women who call me “ho” and “bitch,” then I laugh that this is even a discussion. You don’t “trust” me? Who are you? And why should I care? Most people are stupid, and waste my damn time. I generally find myself trying to get rid of them on the whole, blocking their e-mails, ignoring their phone calls and texts. It usually takes them a while to get the hint, but eventually they move on to someone else they can bother with their idiotic babbling.

        • It wasn’t a fake apology. I simply don’t feel the need to apologize to someone I don’t know who chose to get personally offended at my choice of verbiage as if I was referring directly to them.

          You’re married so the fact that you don’t have female friends isn’t the same as the women I’m referring to in this post. These women hang out or befriend males over females and claim its because they simply don’t get along with any other women. These women also happen to sleep around a lot, especially with these so called “just friends” males. It isn’t a general disposition towards ALL women with few or no female friends. Just certain ones, in certain situations that I have personally come across using the same excuse as to why they only associate with men.

          Thank you for your comment. Oh, and you’re right. I’m no one and you shouldn’t care lol. I wish more people felt that way instead of feeling as if I was some close, personal friend who was speaking directly to them. If I were you I wouldn’t care either. At the end of the day, it’s your life to live and who cares about the random, profane musings of a stranger?

    • Yep, if this is what is out there, then I’m glad to just stick with my husband. Between the men and the women, “ho” this and “bitch” that, the conversation is just too low-brow and tiresome. It’s just a waste of time.

  10. YB,

    There is one other reason why a person might not have any friends that you didn’t mention. What if they were born with something wrong with them and have never worked through how to deal with it? Maybe they are ashamed of themselves? Maybe they have no confidence to make friends because they feel no one would like them? In that case, your mistrust of them would be misguided and your reaction of avoiding them would be a self-fulfilling prophecy. I was born with physical disabilities that no one can see. On the outside I look completely normal but I didn’t know how to relate to people because of it and nobody ever helped me. It just got worse and worse and now, because I have no friends, people do not befriend me (at least not genuinely) and are suspicious as you seem to suggest is a wise thing to do. It’s like a catch-22. I can’t get people to trust me because I don’t have any friends but I don’t have any friends because people won’t trust me.

    I have made peace with it, though, and I’m not complaining. Just that’s how it is.

  11. “Black people are the only race who verbally and openly insult and degrade each other, this must stop!”
    I can’t even arrange a coherent response to this, it is SO beyond ridiculous and wrong. I don’t think we need to get into what we white people have done. I don’t think I need to pull out the long list of what we white people have done that could be described as “degrading and insulting” and hell just downright inhumane and DISGUSTING. I don’t need to pull it out, because we all know. Some like to act ignorant to the past 500 plus years, but we know. I also know plenty of white women to call other women bitches and hos. It was white girls who about ruined my high school years with their nastiness. Uh uh. No ma’am. What a misconstrued bubble you live in.

  12. I
    have trouble with females, and am fully aware that it comes from me. I can shed some light on my own case:

    1. Let me start by saying I actually do have a crew of close female friends from the seventh grade. We live in different cities, but we talk to each other about the most important things, visit each other , the first one of us who is getting married is having us all be her bridesmaids in may.–notice, however, I have had major problems bonding with women past, uh middle school. I have girls who i like and who want to hang out with me and vise versa, btu major social issues prevent me from BONDING like normal girls do….this is because…

    2. My mother is a goddamn crazy beeatch. Every life she has touched has been more miserable for it. there, I said it. In the same way that some women have serious trouble forming relationships with men because they have “Daddy Issues”, i think women who have “Mommy Issues” should be viewed as an equal hindrance to relationship…enouch of that crap about “a girls mom is her closest advocate”–giving birth doesn’t suddenly make you a saint.

    2.5 I know those women who say “Ugh! I just hate girls! I’m so above that feminine bullshit!” or “Ugh! Women hate me because I’m beautiful”. Those women are delusional assholes and would crumble into a pool of quivering humanity when faced with the myriad beautiful, smart, clever girls who have functional relationships with women. Granted
    when I was like twelve (and thirteen…and fourteen…and fifteen…) I took that delusional standpoint—but I’m 27 and have since grown….kind of? I’m trying…

    3. I am not a whore. I have a boyfriend of four years who i recently moved in with. I realize I have serious issues with women (Not actually very noticeable issues–it’s more like i get really anxious and shy and terrified of rejection. or paranoid and think they’re trying to ostracize or compete with me….yeah….)

    Full disclosure: I have slept with three men including my long term boyfriend and I am 27. I have probably made out with or merely kissed a total of 9 in my life () I know some cultures/assholes would find this whorey but in NYC and the US it’s pretty conservative.

    The thing is, my dad was awesome. I am also a writerly type who likes to talk and make the witty witty. Because I am cowed and terrified by women, I have found it often easy to engage in verbal sparring with men. It’s never flirty or sexual and when I was an adolescent, I realize that If I was that guys girlfriend I’d want to punch me in the face for being an attention whore. Now that I’ve matured and have had relationships with men (uh…didn’t kiss a boy until senior year during a summer program)

    4. Because of my mom, I’m terrified of women, and can’t form a bond most of the time, until I’ve known them for years…not because I’m testing them to see if they’re trustworthy…but because it’s an actual terror response…I can cover it up with social norms but there’s always that nervousness underneath…Do you know those guys who have serious issues with their parents and because of it they can’t seem to stop dicking girls around? like those man-children who just can’t take responsibility? That’s me with women who I like and want to be friends with…fortunately they probably don’t give too much of a shit and it’s not nearly so painful as when it happens with a love interest

    I am at least thankful I’m able to maintain a long term relationship with a boyfriend….and for my close crew of girls from 7th grade….

    but here is my tale of woe…..CRYYY WOOEE AND PITY MEEEEEEEE

    “When I looked around I saw and heard of none like me. Was I, , a monster, a blot upon the earth from which all men fled and whom all men disowned?” — Frankenstiens Monster (What–too dramatic????)

  13. I am a girl with no friends. No I am not a bitch.
    If a female doesn’t have any female friends, oh well tough shit. If that is the road she chooses to go down, then good for her.
    Women who do not have any female friend aren’t “whores”, they just chose that life. The reason why society sees the “whores” more is because a negative image leaves more of an impression than a positive image.
    Instead of assuming that women without female are “whores”, think of other reasons why:
    • Maybe they find women socially or emotionally draining.
    • Maybe they had a bad experience with female friends.
    • Maybe they can associate with men better than their own gender.
    I do agree that women should have at least one female friend. They need someone to relate too.
    Do you think this about everyone you see? When you see a guy hanging out with a bunch of girls, do you think that man is a pimp or a homosexual?
    Word of advice: don’t judge a book by its cover.

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