12 Things Men Do That Piss Women Off

Happy Friday everyone! Today I’ve decided to take a lighthearted approach to my post and put away the soapbox that I so dearly enjoy. It’s quite simple actually, just a little public service announcement from the ladies to the fellas on actions that piss them off. You might not give a shit but for the sake of this post let’s say you do. Let’s say you want to know if your actions caused a certain love interest to be completely turned off or if that move you tried in the bedroom made your girl want to stop, roll over and go to bed. Ladies you might find some things on this list you agree with and fellas these are things that the ladies would like you to cease and desist immediately. Don’t worry, you’ll have your chance to sound off on things we do that piss you off but you know how it goes, ladies first nshit.

Disclaimer: This list is a compilation of things sent in to me by my lady friends and do not necessarily represent the views of the author, me.

1. “Talk so much shit about their D game and when you finally give them a chance they have the smallest most limp D in the universe!”

In the universe! Hahaha. Fellas, the best practice is to let your actions speak for themselves.

2. I hate when men talk about sex when we first meet.”

Similar to number one. It’s unattractive to hear a guy you don’t know talk about all the shit he wants to do to you. It really just makes you look like a fucking perv. Randomly inboxing a girl and saying “Hey Ma, I think you’re so sexy. I’d drink your bathwater, suck your toes and break your back in.” is the fastest way to get added to the weirdo list.

3. “Ask for head or push my head down there when you want it! I don’t ask for it and neither should you!”

I believe that if you’re in a relationship you shouldn’t have to ask your lady to top you off period. I mean if it’s been sometime since she’s done it you can casually bring it up but if you’re in the act of lovemaking saying “suck my dick” isn’t a turn on. She doesn’t want to feel like she’s doing it as a chore but because she wants to.

-Just put it on her forehead, she’ll get the hint…..I’m kidding. Don’t do that.

4. “Cheat!!!!!!”

This is a no-brainer. Keep it in your pants please. If you feel the need to cheat then maybe you should just break up.

5.“I hate when men lie for any and everything, dumb shit like I’m going to get bread @ 9am and come back at 1am. C’mon man, did you bake it yourself?!”

6. “I hate when men have holes in their sock on the big toe or the pinky toe… drives me crazy”

I have to agree with this. I can’t stand socks that look like they’re falling apart. Socks aren’t expensive man, your toes shouldn’t be hanging out them shits.

7. I hate when men aren’t open to their own flaws but are quick to point out yours and have an unhealthy, unrealistic view of themselves.

You’re not perfect fellas and there’s nothing wrong with admitting your flaws. It’s refreshing to be able to hear that you acknowledge where you falter at instead of thinking you’re perfect and everyone else has the problem.

8.” It pisses me off when men choose to hang out with their boys all day long and night and never spend any time with their girl other than sleeping or sitting on the couch.”

Martin put it best in “You So Crazy“. Watch this clip. Women crave attention from their significant other. Not saying she wants to be all up under you 24/7 but if you’re spending more time with your boys then you are with her don’t be surprised if she starts to get resentful. Neglecting her is the quickest way to losing her.

9. “I hate when men think they can come home and put on the same raggedy sweatpants daily but expect you to get all sexy like you’re going to the club just for them to fall asleep.”

LMFAO. I mean, what if they were Polo sweats? Ctfu

10. “I hate when men fart all around the house! I understand better out than in but I’d rather breathe than suffocate.”

11. “I hate when men get lazy and think they don’t have to take their girl out on dates anymore.”

Be spontaneous and open to doing things together. It’s easy to fall into a routine but if you go out here and there it makes a difference.

12. “It pisses me off when men can’t respect that you’re in a relationship. I happen to be faithful to my man so when I respond to your advances by telling you I have a boyfriend and you still insist on pushing up on me it’s disrespectful to me and him. Keep it the fuck moving. There’s enough single ladies out there that would love to be bothered by your thirst.”

So there you have it. Twelve quick things that the ladies don’t like. What do you guys think about these? Do you do any of them? Do you give a shit lol? Ladies do you have any to add? 

Sound off nshit…


17 responses

  1. Look, just because I have the smallest, most limp d in the entire universe doesn’t mean that I’m not good at other things! I’m great at aerobics! When I put on spandex for aerobics, you can’t even find my d! No lump! Isn’t that what the ladies want?!?

  2. I hate when men call women out there names constantly and make it seem like every woman (except their mama) has to be a bitch, whore or jump off …. Ummmm ur like child #8 in a gang of 10 and all of yall got different daddy’s… AINT NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN BUDDY! LOL


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  5. Problem is, there’s so many girls that are really turned on when the right guy pursues them when they’re already with someone. It works sometimes. So while we should condemn the guys that do it…we should also condemn the women who make it worth the shot then, yes?

    • Yep. There’s a difference between being flattered when a guy approaches you and being turned on and making it worth his while lol. It’s not the guys fault for hitting on her, if she’s attractive its commonplace, but if he continues to do so after she makes it known that she’s unavailable then it becomes annoying. As for women who lead men on and make them think that they have a chance well that’s just some hoe shit and disrespectful to the guy she’s with.

      • “As for women who lead men on and make them think that they have a chance well that’s just some hoe shit and disrespectful to the guy she’s with.”‘
        – I know! So lame. Like there’s some special talent involved in getting a guy to want to/think about sleeping with you. Hello, gotta heartbeat? That would probably do it. I pity the fools in such desperate need of validation.

  6. i hate guys that say things they don’t mean and they don’t get the hint that you just not interested in then when you said no the 1st time -.-” that shit gets on my nerves so dose guy calling a girl ”hun” when she doesn’t like that at all !!

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