Music Wednesday: Do You Listen to Music or Skim Through It??

It seems to me that the majority of people don’t listen to music. The song comes on, the beat is catchy, they sing along and then it’s on to the next one. A lot of songs capitalize on this lack of listening by making music that makes absolutely no sense but there are songs that I believe should be listened to and not just heard or skimmed through. We have The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. No Clint.

The Good

Kendrick Lamar – Keisha’s song (her Pain)

First let me say that if you haven’t heard of him or listened to any of his music then you’re seriously missing out. this guy is really talented. Keisha’s song is on the album Section 80 and is a powerful song with a message. Here is the first verse: Continue reading


Open Letter

Dear Gas Station Attendant,

Maybe you don’t realize how bothersome your attempt at conversation is while I’m trying to get gas. Maybe you’re bored and need someone to talk to. I am not that person. The only exchange of words I’d like to have with you is “Fill it up regular, credit” and “Thank you.” That is the extent of my tolerance for gas station conversations. I don’t need you standing by my car watching the tank fill up and asking me “So, ma are you married?” Just pump the damn gas. *rolls window up*

Dear Little White Boy Next Door,

Stop knocking on my door asking me if you can come over and “play XBOX”. I’m an adult. I don’t play video games with 10 year old kids I’m not related to. Oh and no, you can’t borrow my XBOX because you’re on punishment and your dad said you can’t play yours. Please go take your Ritalin now.

Dear Facebook,

I really don’t need a side feed of what all my friends are doing or saying or posting or anything. Your constant changes are quite annoying. Also, the fact that you managed to convince countless idiots to post a status about paying for usage unless said  status is posted is quite mind boggling. I deleted about 6 people thanks to that.

Dear Co-worker, Continue reading

Ask A Guy #004: Getting Serious & Advice For A Jump-Off

Good Morning and Happy Friday!  I find myself chuckling sometimes when I get questions for A Black Guy to answer. I sit and think really? Did you just ask that? I mean I don’t judge nshit. Unless, you’ve asked some purely basic hoe ass shit and are looking for an answer to justify or explain your ratchetness.    I know that there are a lot of topics and issues that women and some men need an outside, honest opinion on and that is why I chose to start this little feature on my site. So, without further delay and judgement, here are the questions and uncensored answers for today. Oh and my little ole two cents is in red because well, I just couldn’t help myself today.

1. How do you know when a guy wants to get serious with you? Are there specific things I should be looking for? 

When he says he wants to get serious and puts forth a real effort towards building a relationship with you. If a guy never says he wants to take things to the next level then you shouldn’t assume that he wants to based on how much time he spends with you or nice things he does for you. With that said, just because a guy says he wants to get serious doesn’t mean anything if his actions say otherwise. A list of some things that shows he probably wants to get serious: Continue reading

Clowns and Spinal Injuries: Things That Scare Me

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends and Columbus Day if you were lucky like me and got the day off. My day started off great, and by great I mean I got to wake up at 7:30am instead of 6:30 am. That hour makes all the difference in the world. Anyway, it was great until I walked outside and right into a spiderweb. Ughk.

First, let me say that this happens to me almost every damn morning. The spiderweb and I. It’s like this spider is waging a war with me in which I win by knocking down the fruits of his labor every morning and he attempts to recoup and rebuild for the next day. I think it’s personal too. Why? My boyfriend walked out of the same door, down the same driveway, past the same car I did this morning. Did he walk into the spiderweb? No. Then here I come no less than 15 minutes later and I walk right into the shit. It’s as if the spider was saving it just for me. It must be some sort of mutant spider able to create a web from my car to the tree in less than 15 minutes. I hate spiders and I hate spiderwebs. They scare me man. It’s not just that I hate the way they look, I hate how they feel on you. You ever have a spider crawl on you? It’s not fun man, and I don’t know a single person on the face of this earth that doesn’t mind walking through spiderwebs. I want to run screaming down the street looking like an absolute fool every morning but I manage to compose myself. Continue reading