The Funniest Search Terms

Hello all. Top of the morning to you and all that good stuff. If you’ve happened upon this site through some random Googling then today’s post is for you. Have you ever wondered what other people search for on the internet? No? Well me neither. It wasn’t until I started this blog that I became privy to the search terms people use to find well, whatever it is they’re looking for when they type in “cheating with threesomes” or “when he kisses me with morning breath”. I get a good laugh out of a lot of them so I’ve decided to ues the power of the screen shot and show you the search terms that have led to my site in the past thirty days.

You have to click on the pictures to blow them up. Unless you have superhuman vision or something. Oh, and take notice what the number one search term is lol. Interesting.

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Conversations With My Boyfriend

Today is Wednesday which is normally reserved for music but I have become so utterly disenchanted with the state of music today that I’m saving all my rants and raves for next week. I just can’t talk about music right now because it might upset the balance of my awesome day. So instead I thought I’d let you a little deeper into my world. I don’t talk much about my significant other because well, it’s not a topic that I want to discuss with strangers nshit. However, I just wanted to share the often hilarious random conversations we have. You might be able to gauge my sense of humor and level of hilariousness on this site if you don’t know me and if you do know me you are well aware that I am always good for a laugh. My boyfriend also happens to be funnier than most. It’s like we were both blessed with the funny gene and you can only imagine all the fun we have in each other’s company and the conversations we have. Well today I’ve decided through the power of my iPhone screen capture to share with you some of those candid conversations. You’re welcome.

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Random Thoughts of a Saturday Morning Brain

I really can’t wait until the clocks go back tomorrow. Although I probably will just stay awake instead of going to sleep earlier which pretty much defeats the purpose I guess. 

I saw that video of the judge whooping his daughters ass when she was 16 and I just want to know why she was crying? He wasn’t even hitting her hard. I mean, my dad used to whoop ass. Serious. Ass. At 16 why are you even still getting whoopings? My mom wasn’t having that. She just said get out  my house and don’t come back. Problem solved. If I was her dad I would’ve whooped her at 23 for posting the video. If he gets jail time or anything for that then it’s complete bullshit in my opinion.

If you wake up on a Saturday morning and start Tweeting and Facebooking before you brush your teeth or take your morning shit then you need to re-evalutate your life. I’m at work. <—My excuse. What’s yours? Your life is not that exciting at 8 am on a Saturday morning.

You ever have a dream that felt so real you woke up and thought it was? Happened to me last night. Woke up mad as shit till I realized it didn’t really happen.

You haven’t felt struggle until you’ve taken a shower with no shower curtain or wiped your ass with a paper towel. *writes down as topic for Monday’s post* Continue reading