A Giant Case of the Mondays

Good Morning nshit. This post is going to be short mainly because I’m tired. I got maybe 3 hours total of sleep last night. Kinda sucked that I was really falling asleep when my alarm clock went off. Anyway, I’m also pretty pissed that the Patriots lost the Super Bowl. I’m not a New England Fan, I’m a Dallas fan so if you know anything about football you know I didn’t want to Giants to win. Fuck the Giants. 

Is it just me or does Eli Manning have a face that you just want to punch?

Did anyone notice how much blush Bob Costa’s was wearing?  

So not only am I tired and upset at last night’s game (and the Giants fan that found it necessary to scream G-MEN!!!! to me as I was walking into the building from like a 100 yards away) but I get to work and 2/3 of my office has called out. One is “sick” the other has “car trouble”. How fucking convenient. Oh wait, I forgot about the intern that comes here every Monday that my boss is supposed to babysit (he just walked in) but I guess I have to now since he’s out.

Here’s what the email my boss sent out to let us know he’d be out. He sent it to his boss and cc’d us:

Sir, I am feeling pretty sick this morning. It would be great if I could say it was a super bowl HO. <—I presume HO is hangover

I would like to blackberry out sick.

I do have that intern coming in today. Was going to bore him with our operations and plans.

Sir, I will keep my bb next to me if anyone needs anything.

Nothing else pressing for except the intern.

The intern smells. Like a dirty college student who does his laundry in dirty water with cheap dish detergent instead of laundry detergent. The longer he’s in the office the more the smell festers and evolves. In the morning its foul laundry and by lunchtime its an onion sandwich. By quitting time it’s like a bunch of sweaty, fat guys were fucking in the office and spraying ball juice and salami everywhere. 

Welcome to my day. 

I think if the idiot at my job attempts to engage in any sort of conversation with me today I might lose it. Stay posted nshit. I saw her lurking around.

Anyway, how’s your Monday going so far? Assuming you have a job and had to wake up for it. You shouldn’t have a case of the Monday’s if you have no job. I mean you have an endless weekend really. Waking up on a Monday is the same as waking up on a Saturday except that your employed friends are busy. 

Have a nice day nshit. 


4 responses

  1. “By quitting time it’s like a bunch of sweaty, fat guys were fucking in the office and spraying ball juice and salami everywhere. ” hahahaha… I will have to bleach my entire brain out to get rid of this mental picture 🙂

    This may sound mean but I’m kinda hoping the idiot at your job does give you a homemade friendship bracelet or something today… irritating for you, hilarious for us 🙂

    If it’s any consolation, I too have a whopping case of the goddamn Monday’s. Here’s hoping Tuesday sucks less.


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