How Many Guys is TOO Many?

This  spawned off of a comment on my post here where a chick mentions that she’s slept with 64 men, yet that doesn’t mean she’s worth any less than a virgin. I obviously disagree but hey, that’s just my opinion. So it got me to wondering, how many is too many? Is there a number that men have in their heads that will make them not take a girl seriously if she’s above it? Do the circumstances surrounding her number matter? Or do most men just not really want to know?

Let’s take Ms. 64 for example. I’m not sure how old she is but let’s assume she’s 30. I can only make this assumption based off of her comment that she isn’t over the age of 40. Let’s also assume that she lost her virginity at the age of 14. Feasible enough. Now, that’s 64 men in 16 years. Thats 16 men a year. *pauses for dramatic effect* That’s 1 a month with 4 stragglers left over.

So, a man a month for 16 years. A constant steady stream of penis. A plethora of peen. That’s just averaging it of course. She could have had a summer off and made up for it in the cold, cuffing season with back to back partners. She could have had sex with just 5 guys from 14-18 and then hit the ground running in college, taking the term “The Freshman 15” to a whole new meaning. All in all. 64 is a lot.

Could you take her seriously? Say she is an awesome person and a guy falls head over heels in love with her. Then she comes clean and drops a 64lb pound bomb on him. Should he stay and say to hell with it because he’s in love? Is love enough to overlook her past sexual encounters? There’s a lot of variables there. I mean, to me, that means you’re an easy lay and why would a guy take you seriously if he can just screw you and bounce like the other 64 did? What’s going to make him stay other than stupidity love?

Now on the other hand, is 64 a lot for a guy? Would you take a guy seriously who slept with 64 women?

I’m not judging here. At the end of the day it’s your vagina and you do whatever the hell you want with it. Just remember that if you ever feel like you want to settle down and start a family that you’re bringing 64 cases of excess baggage with you to the table and for some men, most men, that may be more that enough to head in the opposite direction.


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  1. I’m a 35yo male, and no, I don’t think that I could marry Ms. 64. Even with your generous calculations, one new cock a month just seems a bit nasty. If you take into account that this person must have had a relationship or two or three, then it’s not unreasonable that for stretches, there must have been a new cock a week.
    I don’t have a hard and fast rule when it comes to number. I actually never ask.

    • It is nasty. Very nasty.

      Assuming she was faithful in those relationships then yes she’d have to make up for lost dick time after a breakup and cram them in a short timeframe.

      What if you don’t ask but then it comes to light years later after dating a girl. Would that make you look at her differently?

      • That one’s tough. The scenario reminds me a bit of the Kevin Smith movie, Chasing Amy. The tiny bit that I remember, anyway.

        Let’s say that I had been dating a girl for a couple of years and then I found out- I think that I’d be a bit shocked and disappointed, but if I’m into the person enough, I’m not sure it would make as much of a difference as if I had found out early on. The reality of it though, in my experience, is that you’ll get hints all along the way, so a revelation like that won’t necessarily be shocking.

        I just started seeing a girl that said aloud to a table of my friends that she doesn’t do tequila shots anymore b/c it makes her feel like a liberated woman, and she’d sleep with everyone. She is a bit dramatic, but that’s a not so subtle hint, right there. I’m kind of afraid to ask… Then again, I’ve known her for a month, so it’s not like there’s any relationship talk.

        • True. Something like that would be hard to hide.

          Ha! Maybe she was just saying that for exaggerated emphasis? Hmmmm… a few shots of tequila might reveal more than you’d like to know this early on. Best keep her away from the Cuervo lol

  2. I am sorry to intrude to point it out, but your math is off. 64 guys in 16 years is 4 guys per year on average. Which means all it takes is a few one-night stands and the numbers easily go up. Now, for the record, I don’t believe any number has an effect on a person’s value, but your exaggeration may make a difference for someone else. 16 guys a year for 16 years makes 256 guys in that time span, 4 times more than what that girl said.

    • Intrude away! No one else caught my math fun lol.

      Now, assuming correctly that from the age of 14 she slept with only 4 men a year, every year. That is still a lot. That’s a new man every 3 months. Consistently. For 16 years. That’s a lot of one night stands. Now, I’m not saying she has no value but to compare herself to a virgin is a bit of a stretch no?

      • Arbitrarily, it is a lot, but you never know the circumstances. In one year, maybe she had two threesomes and went through a crazy phase of 5 different guys in 2 months – that’s 9 right there. Then maybe she went through a few years of not having sex at all and ended up overindulging? Anyway, I actually don’t think that’s the point at all. I think what she was trying to say is that the consensus (online) seems to be that women’s “value” as a person peaks at virginity and then plummets with the numbers of people she slept with, and with men it’s the opposite. She was saying that it doesn’t matter at all how many people you fuck, it’s irrelevant to how you should be viewed.

        I have friends who fucked a lot from young age for different reasons – some for acceptance, some trying to find affection, and one because she lived in a country where she wouldn’t have anything any other way. Her value does not diminish, as a person OR girlfriend, just because when having sex 50 times she did it with 50 guys, and not 1. She’s adamant about safe sex, clean, lovely, confident and sweet. She is not bitter or broken because of what she did – and that means more to me than the number of people she slept with. Some women you meet that have been with “only” 2 or 3 men will be more damaged, mean-spirited and miserable than the “sluts” you want to discard because they felt free to do whatever they wanted. And I just think that at the end of the day you should judge the person to be suitable (or not) for a relationship based on who they really are and how they make you feel instead of how many sex partners they had.

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