I guess I’m supposed to write some cool shit about myself or my blog here. Well here goes.

Welcome to Twelve 16. I’ll give you $20 if you can figure out the meaning behind the title. Take a look around and leave comments nshit. If you like what you see follow my site and be updated when I post new things. If you want to ask me a question for the Friday “Ask A Guy” series email them to twelve16blog@gmail.com. They’re all confidential nshit don’t worry. I can’t promise you’ll like everything you read but I can promise that I don’t give a shit. Enjoy.




9 responses

  1. I actually did start it at 12:16 am but only because I was up drunk lol. I am the epitome of a non-morning person though. I’ll send your payments through 20 monthly installments of $1.

  2. What’s good Yamz…probably don’t remember me but we used to write together on Facebook a long time ago and I wondered when we would cross paths again or you would get back into the blogging and poetry mindset. You got that book deal yet, I actually am working on one now, tried to follow you on instagram but to no avail…so if you remember me add me bigreg11

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