Music Wednesday: Do You Listen to Music or Skim Through It??

It seems to me that the majority of people don’t listen to music. The song comes on, the beat is catchy, they sing along and then it’s on to the next one. A lot of songs capitalize on this lack of listening by making music that makes absolutely no sense but there are songs that I believe should be listened to and not just heard or skimmed through. We have The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. No Clint.

The Good

Kendrick Lamar – Keisha’s song (her Pain)

First let me say that if you haven’t heard of him or listened to any of his music then you’re seriously missing out. this guy is really talented. Keisha’s song is on the album Section 80 and is a powerful song with a message. Here is the first verse: Continue reading


Music Wednesdays: How to Be A Superstar Rapper!

So you want to be the next big thing huh? We’ll you’ve come to the right place to find out exactly what you have to do, say, wear, and rap about to be a rap superstar. You might think that it’s a difficult process and believe all that hype about the rap industry being hard to break into and blah blah blah but it isn’t as hard as you think. You just have to be willing to apply yourself and follow these guidelines to a successful career. I guarantee that if you do you’ll be on the radio, TV and known worldwide. Bring on the money, cars and hoes!

1. A Catchy Song

Ok, I know you’re thinking that you should come up with a name for yourself first but no, first you need a catchy song and from that you can derive a name. By derive I mean get. Don’t worry you won’t be using any words as big as that in your songs. Don’t want to lose anyone with fancy talk nshit.

Ok so how do you come up with a catchy song? It’s easy! Use a popular movie and turn it into a song! Let’s go with Free Willy because hey, who doesn’t love whales? You already have the hook to your song from just the title of the movie. Too easy right? All you have to do is repeat the words over and over again to a catchy beat and insert something about hoes or money. Continue reading

Music Wednesdays – “12 Reasons You’re Not A Rapper”

It’s Music Wednesday and I thought it’d be great to ask “A Black Guy” his opinion on what disqualifies someone as being a rapper. Read below to see if the shoe fits. If it does please,  I beg you, hang up the mic!

Here are 12 Reasons You’re Not A Rapper!

12. Nobody knows you for rapping except your mother because she walks past your room and hears you mumbling that wack jibberish!

“This nigga needs to cut it the fuck out and go get a paper route or something” – I imagine that’s what she says.

11. You haven’t released shit recently and the last thing you did put out was on a cassette tape. #gositdown.

10. You have never made a dollar off of music, period! You should go get a job right now and not a minute sooner!!

09. People only ask you to rap so they can laugh at you!

08. Your entire fanbase lives in your house! “Performing live after dinner.”

07. You’ve been rapping for 10 years but you have never actually recorded any material.

06. You’ve been rapping for 10 years and the last song you recorded sounds exactly like the first song you ever recorded. The equipment and your flow is outdated son, go take a power nap!

05. You started rapping yesterday and your 40th Birthday is tomorrow.

04. You make your kids and their friends listen to your songs and, according to five or six 9th graders, you’re not half bad….. if Kool Moe Dee-ish rap was ever to make a comeback!

03. Nothing you rap about is remotely close to your actual lifestyle!

02. Your rap name is a combination of a bunch of other rappers names who are already out. Ex: “Big Young Lil Swagger”

01. Lil B’s “Bill Belemy” type raps make alot more sense then anything you could ever come up with.

“200 bitches on my dick, Happy Labor Day.”   Thank you BasedGod.

Are You Built for the Beat Cipher – All Jersey..All Talented!!!!

Mic check one two one two…“I’m heavy in the game, check the score card. School of hard knocks..straight A report card!!!” *drops mic*

 Real music still lives!!! Fuck all the mohawk, soft porn, tight jean, dance making, fa**ot ass music that’s out polluting the air waves n shit. I’m tired of hearing mainstream music that’s more about beats than lyrics and sounds all the same. It’s the underground, local scene that’s holding all the talent.  

With that said, if you haven’t heard this cipher yet you’ve been missing out.

It’s the “Are You Built for the Beat Cipher” presented by Upper Level that showcases some of Jersey’s finest MC’s. Dudes who can really spit. No 50 Tyson. It’s all over the web right now on different sites and being that I love Jersey, good music and good Jersey music I felt it my duty to also share it on my little ole blog. I’ve heard of most of these guys minus like one or two but they all have talent and they’re all from Jersey so check it out. Personally, I’d rather listen to shit like this than be watching the throne but… that’s just me.

Check out T-Dot, Balboa, AP the Mayor, Wifi Fame, Apollo the Great, Kilogram, Porta Rich and Big OOH. 

The only thing is you have to listen to it more than once. Every time you play it you catch more and more hot lines. Like on some “Did this nicca just say that?” type shit. 

 “I’m never pussy..I’m a C-section!!!

These cowards facing 20 but take 10 and get they dun knocked. They don’t care if that ‘ll get they moms raped and they sons rocked.” 

“It’s yo business so you mind it or somebody might find it..all over ya bathroom toilet like Comet!” 

There’s nerd rap and my nigga there’s street shit…definitely no nerd rap here! It’s good to see Jersey artists can come together on a project like this which was brought to fruition by Preme and Mr.Hype. 

So listen and then listen again and definitely share the link bitches.